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Almost all Android devices are supported by SMS Auto Forwarder. We utilize officially supported Android features, ensuring broad compatibility with the vast majority of phones.

Yes, an active internet connection is required for SMS Auto Forwarder to function. This allows us to forward your incoming messages to your email or specified URL over the internet.

Yes, a SIM card installed in your phone is essential to receive SMS messages, which can then be forwarded by our application.

SMS Auto Forwarder stores your SMS messages and will deliver them as soon as your device reconnects to the internet.

The forwarded SMS will include the original sender's details, ensuring you always know who the message is from.

We only support the latest version of SMS Auto Forwarder which can be found on the download page. To ensure the best performance and access to the newest features, we encourage all users to download and use the most current release.

Installation & Setup

Setting up SMS forwarding is straightforward with SMS Auto Forwarder. After installing the app, you can easily configure forwarding settings to email, Slack, or a URL endpoint within the app's settings.

Yes, all settings are securely stored in the cloud. Simply log in with your credentials on the new device, and your settings will sync automatically.

If SMS forwarding to email is erratic, check your internet connection, app permissions, and ensure the app is not in "snooze" or "doze" mode. For detailed troubleshooting, refer to our Forwarding Issues Troubleshooting Checklist or contact us for assistance.

If Google Chrome warns you about installing apps from "unknown sources," this is because the app is being downloaded directly from our website, not the Google Play Store. You can safely bypass this warning by tapping "Settings" and enabling the installation from unknown sources.

Features and Limitations

Due to Google/Android regulations, automatic forwarding of text messages (SMS to SMS) is not supported. Our app focuses on forwarding incoming SMS to email or a URL.

No, SMS Auto Forwarder only forwards real SMS messages. Messages from OTT (Over The Top) apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which use the internet for delivery, are not supported.

Yes, forwarding text messages to an email address is a straightforward process with SMS Auto Forwarder. This functionality allows you to archive, search, and manage SMS communications directly from your email inbox. To learn how to configure this, read the guide.

Yes, you can easily pause SMS forwarding by toggling the ON/OFF switch for the "Forward All" feature or specific rules within the app.

MMS forwarding is not supported due to reliability issues. However, you will receive an alert email for incoming MMS, showing any text that accompanies the image.

SMS Auto Forwarder offers keyword filtering, allowing you to forward only those messages that contain specific words. This can be configured in both the "Forward All Incoming SMS" mode and when creating rules. 

You can use both features simultaneously. However, to avoid duplicating forwards, you can specify exceptions or use keyword filters to refine what gets forwarded.

Forwarding Issues

If you encounter issues with SMS forwarding, consider the following troubleshooting checklist:

  • Ensure all app permissions are enabled.
  • Verify that background data and unrestricted data usage are allowed.
  • Check for any "Do Not Disturb" settings that might be blocking SMS during certain hours.
  • Make sure the app is not optimized away by battery saving features.
  • For Wi-Fi settings, ensure your device is set to keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.
  • If email forwarding is delayed, check the email address entered, your spam/junk folder, and internet connection. The app will retry forwarding every 15 minutes for 24 hours if the first attempt fails.

If all SMS messages are being forwarded despite setting up rules, ensure that "FWD ALL " is switched off. 

Post To URL

This feature allows you to forward incoming SMS messages directly to a URL or API endpoint. For testing and setup instructions, please refer to our dedicated guide.

This feature allows you to forward incoming SMS messages directly to a URL or API endpoint. For testing and setup instructions, please refer to our dedicated guide.

Yes, SMS Auto Forwarder allows you to forward text messages directly to Microsoft Teams. This integration ensures that important SMS messages are seamlessly shared within your Teams channels, enhancing team communication and collaboration. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

Absolutely. With SMS Auto Forwarder, you can easily set up forwarding of SMS messages to a specific Slack channel. This feature is perfect for keeping your team updated with real-time SMS notifications. For a step-by-step setup process, read the guide.

To test your "Fwd To URL" settings, use a service like Copy the test URL from and paste it into the AutoForward SMS "POST to URL" box. After sending a test SMS to your phone, check to see the test POST. Remember to replace the test URL with your actual endpoint URL when you're finished testing.

Subscriptions & Refunds

Subscriptions can be easily managed within the app. To subscribe, navigate to the subscription section within the app settings and follow the prompts. A valid credit card is required to activate the subscription. All payments are securely processed.

You can cancel your subscription at any time directly within the app. Go to your account, then to the "Manage Subscription" section, where you will find the option to unsubscribe. 

At SMS Auto Forwarder, we believe in giving you more bang for your buck—or in this case, more forwards for your phone. That's why we offer the most generous free plan on the market, letting you forward a hefty number of SMS messages without spending a dime. And when you're ready to take things to the next level, our paid plans not only boast the best price per forward but also come with a 7-day trial that's as risk-free as trying a new flavor of ice cream.

Worried about commitment? Fear not! We've made it super easy to cancel—no need to navigate a maze or solve a riddle. Just head over to your account, find the "Manage Subscription" section, and voilà, you're in control.

As for refunds, think of them as a lost treasure map—exciting in theory but not something you'll find here. That's why we've laid out a red carpet with our free plan and a 7-day trial, inviting you to test drive our service with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store, ensuring it's everything you've ever wanted.

Legal & Privacy Concerns

Absolutely not. Spying on someone else's communication is not only unethical but also illegal in most jurisdictions. SMS Auto Forwarder is designed to forward messages from your own mobile phone to an email, Slack, or an API/URL endpoint that you control. It's intended for personal or business use within the bounds of the law, emphasizing respect for privacy and consent.

No, remote installation of SMS Auto Forwarder is not possible or permitted. To install and use our app, you must have physical access to the phone from which the messages will be forwarded. This requirement ensures that our app is used responsibly and with the explicit consent of the phone's owner, aligning with legal and ethical standards.

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