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How To Forward Text Messages To a URL/API Endpoint

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Ever found yourself needing to relay a text message (SMS) to another online destination? URL/API forwarding by our advanced sms forwarding app, SMS Auto Forwarder, is precisely designed for such tasks. This guide delves into the sophisticated application of routing incoming SMS messages to another web server. Before exploring this advanced feature, make sure you’re familiar with our app’s basic functionalities, like how to forward text messages to an email address, which is a foundational skill for anyone looking to expand their forwarding capabilities.

What is URL/API Forwarding?

URL or API forwarding enables the redirection of incoming text messages (SMS) to a different server online. Suitable for any web address, this method is ideal for integrating custom software capable of processing text messages from Android devices. Not only does it cater to general forwarding needs, but it also opens up a plethora of possibilities for real-time data integration into systems like Slack and Microsoft Teams, demonstrating its versatility in professional environments.

Our associates at have developed a utility that allows you to see the format of forwarded SMS messages.

How to configure URL/API forwarding?

Configuring URL/API forwarding is similar to setting up email redirection, albeit with some unique requirements for the target configuration.


Essential Fields Overview:

  • HTTP Method: Selects the request type sent to your specified URL, with GET, POST, and DELETE being the primary options. Visit for detailed insights.
  • URL: The target endpoint for your data, requiring a valid web address.
  • JSON Body: Defines the message format in JSON. Available placeholders are discussed later. A commonly used JSON structure is: {"sender": "{sender}", "message": "{body}"}.

For JSON validation, is a reliable resource.


Save your settings by tapping Apply.

Endpoint Unavailability

SMS Auto Forwarder endeavors to deliver messages for up to 24 hours from creation, employing an exponential backoff strategy for retry attempts.

Replacement Tokens

Customize your JSON body using specific placeholders, which are replaced with actual message details upon arrival:

  • {sender}: The sender’s phone number or name.
  • {name}: The sender’s contact name, if available.
  • {body}: The message content.
  • {date_time}: The UTC timestamp when the message was received.

To explore more about leveraging SMS Auto Forwarder for effective communication, check out our text message forwarding app. Our app ensures that you’re always connected, enabling seamless forwarding of crucial texts to your preferred destinations, whether it be a personal email or a team channel on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Our software will attempt to deliver any messages for up to 24 hours after they have initially been created. The delivery mechanism uses an exponential backoff strategy with increasing timeouts between retries.

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